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VJ shoes have widely been seen used by top athletes from trail running, OCR and orienteering. Precise fit and the best grip on the planet are the factors that VJ is known for!


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VJ Sarva Xante2 WVJ Sarva Xante2 W
VJ Sarva Xante2 W Salgspris2.250,00 NOK
VJ Sarva Xante2 MVJ Sarva Xante2 M
VJ Sarva Xante2 M Salgspris2.250,00 NOK
VJ Sarva ViimaVJ Sarva Viima
VJ Sarva Viima Salgspris2.100,00 NOK
VJ Sarva Neela BlackVJ Sarva Neela Black
VJ Sarva Neela Black Salgspris2.600,00 NOK
VJ Sarva NeelaVJ Sarva Neela
VJ Sarva Neela Salgspris2.600,00 NOK
VJ Sarva IceHero MVJ Sarva IceHero M
VJ Sarva IceHero M Salgspris2.250,00 NOK
VJ Sarva Hilla BlackVJ Sarva Hilla Black
VJ Sarva Hilla Black Salgspris2.600,00 NOK
VJ Sarva HillaVJ Sarva Hilla
VJ Sarva Hilla Salgspris2.600,00 NOK
VJ Sarva AntonVJ Sarva Anton
VJ Sarva Anton Salgspris2.600,00 NOK
VJ Sarva AihkiVJ Sarva Aihki
VJ Sarva Aihki Salgspris2.600,00 NOK
VJ BOLD X Spike Salgspris2.500,00 NOK
VJ Bold Bloom SpikeVJ Bold Bloom Spike
VJ Bold Bloom Spike Salgspris2.300,00 NOK